Shoulder MSK Acronyms

ALPSA- Anterior labrum periosteal sleeve avulsion. Variation of Bankart.

Perthes lesion- Avulsed anterior labrum with stripped scapular periosteum. Variation of Bankart.

HAGL- Humeral avulsion of glenohumeral ligament. Inferior glenohumeral ligament avulsed from humeral neck.

Bony HAGL- Same as above but includes avulsion fracture.

GLAD- Glenolabral articular disruption. Torn anterior inferior labrum with glenoid chondral defect.

POLPSA- Posterior labrum periosteal sleeve avulsion. Due to posterior dislocation.

Buford- Missing anterior superior labrum with thickening of the middle glenohumeral ligament. Mimicks superior labral tear.