Obstetric Ultrasound


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Multiple sonographic images of the pelvis were assessed for gray scale appearance and color doppler flow.

Fetal number- one

Fetal position- cephalic

Fetal heart rate- 141 beats per minute

Amniotic fluid index- 14.04 cm

Placenta- Normal appearing posterior placenta

Fetal anatomic survey- Four chambered heart is seen. A normal appearing three vessel cord is identified with a normal insertion. The kidneys, bladder, and stomach are normal in appearance. The visualized spine is also unremarkable.

Estimated ultrasound gestational age- 30 weeks, 6 days.

Estimated ultrasound due date- 1/4/2012.

Estimated clinical gestational age- 32 weeks, 4 days.

Estimated clinical due date- 12/23/2011.

The dates are congruent (within 2 weeks).

The following measurements were obtained-

BPD- 8 cm- 32 wks 1 day.

HC- 29.76 cm- 33 wks 21 days.

AC- 26.12 cm- 30 wks 3 days.

FL- 5.74 cm- 30 wks 0 days.

FL/BPD- 71.7

Cephalic index- 78.6

HC/AC- 1.14

FL/AC- 22

Estimated fetal weight- 1601 grams.

Cervix- 3.7 cm in length and is closed.

1. Single live intrauterine gestation in the cephalic position with a heart rate of 141 beats per minute.
2. Congruent dates.
3. Normal anatomy.

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