Sinus CT


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2.5 mm thick axial images were obtained through the paranasal sinuses without the use of intravenous contrast. 0.625 mm thick axial images as well as coronal and sagittal reformatted images were also submitted for interpretation.

The Frontal, Sphenoid, Ethmoid, and Bilateral maxillary sinuses demonstrate no evidence of mucosal thickening, mucous retentions cysts, or masses.

The osteomeatal units demonstrate normal appearing uncinate processes and infundibuli.

The nasal septum is not deviated.

The optic nerves and bilateral carotid arteries are normal in course and caliber. The orbits are unremarkable. The lamina papyrecea, bilateral lamellae, cribiform plate, and ethmoidal fovea are intact and symmetric.

The visualized portions of the brain are normal in appearance.

Normal CT of the paranasal sinuses.