Chest CT with contrast


Exam date:



5 mm thick axial images were obtained through the chest before and /or after the administration of ___ milliliters of intravenous __________ (or just after intravenous contrast).  1.25 mm thick axial images as well as coronal, sagittal (and oblique if indication is pulmonary embolus) reformatted images were also submitted for interpretation.

The lungs are clear without consolidation, effusion, discreet mass or pneumothorax.  

The heart size is normal without pericardial effusion.  The thoracic aorta demonstrates no evidence of focal aneurysmal dilitation or dissection.  The pulmonary arteries are normal in caliber without evidence of intraluminal filling defect.

The visualized portions of the upper abdomen are within normal limits.

No pathologic lymphadenopathy is identified.

Soft tissue and osseous structures are unremarkable.

1. Normal contrasted CT of the chest
2. (no evidence of pulmonary embolism- if this was the indication)