Ankle and Toe Brachial Index Interpretation

ABI (Ankle brachial index)= Ankle pressure/ Brachial pressure.

Falsely elevated due to arterial sclerosis- >1.3
Normal- 0.96-1.30
Mild arterial occlusive disease- 0.71- 0.96
Moderate arterial occlusive disease- 0.31- 0.70
Severe arterial occlusive disease- 0- 0.30

Note- ABI less than 0.5 puts patient at risk for tissue loss.

TBI (Toe brachial index)= Toe pressure/ Brachial pressure.

Normal- >0.7
Low risk of ischemia- 0.61- 0.70
Moderate risk of ischemia- 0.20- 0.60
Severe risk of ischemia- 0- 0.19

Note- Toe pressure less than 30 mmHg is incompatible with wound healing.